Holistic Home & Wellbeing

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Holistic Home & Wellbeing

Holistic Wellbeing and Home Creation is the backbone of our lives. Whilst the chaos of our external world continues, the bliss in our physical home is essentially our saviour.

Mind and Home Wellbeing work hand in hand. If you are struggling emotionally, maybe stressed, anxious and not at peace in yourself, this will in turn impact your home and the people in it.

Likewise, if your home is disfunctional, unorganised and visually depressing – this will have an impact on your mood, productivity, family bond etc etc.

The Home within us and the Home we physically live in need to be treated together in unison for complete positive living harmony.

interior of cozy studio with bed and couch decorated with vintage furniture and vinyl records

What will I gain?

From this Consultancy you will receive the answers as to why your home space is not as harmonious, inspiring, loving and fulfilling as you desire it to be and how we can create a style that speaks your language.

We start working through the zones of your home, it’s uses, design and arrangement to then establishing the mindset, communication and energy of with people that live within it.

For us to be able to marry up a home that not only feels uniquely and authentically stylish to the owner but also feels blissfully happy, calm and welcoming, we need to have all areas and characters withing the home working in sync.

From this Consultancy we will resolve the issues that are present in your home and have the space looking beautifully put together and feeling authentically aligned with your personality.

How can I work with you?

Two Day Home Revamp

  • Initial In Person or Online Home Consultation
  • Design Style, layout, functionality and wellbeing Consultancy Plan
  • Furniture Re arrangement
  • Decluttering
  • Sorting and organising
  • Colour Consultancy
  • Reiki and Feng Shui
  • Bespoke Coaching for your specific family requirements
  • Energy clearing of the home ( if required )
  • Mood Board for your DIY decorating plan

Depending on the size of the area/rooms you would like to revamp, depends on how many hours are spent at your property. We work, on average, a 8/9 hour day to bring your home into a fully functional, beautiful space.

From Initial Consultation right through to your home being transformed over 2 days, to then having a clear plan to move forward, should you wish to complete the look with your own decorating.

This service is available on the weekdays or weekends.

A truly uplifting and transformational service for you and your loved ones to live blissfully in your physical and mental home.

Who is this for?

This is for individuals who are not currently able to feel that their home (physical or mental home ) is a safe, happy, functioning, beautiful oasis as it is today.

There may be family/relationship breakdown, communication issues, personal stress etc, along with a dissatisfaction with how the home looks, flows and is there for everyone within it.

This is for the home owner that longs for home harmony. The person who wishes to be proud of their space but also wishes for others to feel relaxed in their surroundings. This is for the person who would like to show their personality via their interior style and to have their home assist with their whole family wellbeing.

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