Elevate YOU

Elevate YOU Program

This Coaching Program is the ROOTS to where the rest of your life is built from.

Without getting all woo woo on you, it’s absolutely true. Regardless if you have qualifications, a great job, a wonderful personality, lovely friends, lots of money or non of the above – If you haven’t learnt how to love and accept yourself, you will always short change yourself in LIFE.

The worst thing with this is that very often, you don’t understand why you are holding yourself back in situations and talk yourself out of attractive opportunities with negative self talk. This subsequently shrinks your life experience, who you will meet, what you will achieve and your overall personal growth.

I have developed a Coaching Program for you to master and relish in self love, enough for you to elevate your life.

What will I gain?

During this Program you will discover your loveable self, why it is important to like and love you and to notice how this changes your whole life moving forwards.

Your life expectations will shift, your opportunities will explode and your relationships with others will be a healthy, respected exchange of energy with likeminded people.

You will gain a greater understanding about yourself, what your needs are, your unique gifts, any sadness/bitterness you may harness, what your desires are and how to build boundaries.

Often the coaching can dip into various other areas too such as procrastination, breaking generational patterns, healing old wounds etc. Because my coaching is bespoke to each client, we are not restricted on areas of focus.

This is a life changing, uplifting, empowering journey that you will adore. Always delivered to you with positivity, fun and most of all RESULTS.

Who is the Program for?

The Program is for those who recognise they may be selling themselves short in life, therefore they are not flourishing in their career, have unsatisfying relationships, do not seek leisure opportunities, don’t always look after themselves, don’t receive the salary they deserve, often people pleasers.

Very often my clients can see this pattern in their behaviour but continue going around in a loop, searching for how they can make a break in their cycle. They can feel desperate for change and more often than not, will reside themselves to the fact that this is there lot in life.

This is for individuals who are ready to love themselves enough that they willingly stride towards opportunities feeling confident and worthy. For those who are ready to not be wavered by other peoples opinions but to stand firmly and blissfully in their beliefs and desires.

How does the Program run?

  • 1-2-1 Online Coaching
  • 4 x 90 minute sessions over 8 weeks
  • Weekday Support via Messaging
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Follow Up email after each session with action points
  • Bespoke Coaching for your specific requirements


One off investment for this Program is £500. (This includes all Coaching and Weekday Support)

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