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Elevate your Life

dragonfly on a dried stem
The Dragonfly – symbolises change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. The change that is often referred to has its source in mental and emotional maturity and understanding the deeper meaning of life.

The Program:

  • This is a online 1:1, 8 week course
  • We meet weekly via Zoom for 1 hour sessions
  • You will be given a downloadable ‘Elevate your Life’ workbook to make your notes in during and after the LIVE sessions
  • I will email you after each session highlighting action points, goals etc for your reference
  • I will be available to you via messages or email in-between your Live sessions to answer any questions/concerns you may have and to keep you motivated
  • Using Intuitive Coaching, we will delve into your desires and gain clarity as to where your life’s journey should be heading
  • To do the above effectively, we will be building your self belief from the ground up ensuring you have rock solid confidence to move your life forwards in the direction you choose .
  • Stage 1 – Foundations, Ensuring Morals, Self Belief, Self Love & Self Care are all in place sufficiently ready to move forwards.
  • Stage 2 – Vibe High, Setting our Vision, Being Inspired, Setting Boundaries, Developing Confidence and a Positive Mindset, Gratitude.
  • Stage 3 – Let’s Grow, Creating & Acknowledging Opportunity, Connection with Self & Others, External Love & Trust, Vulnerability, Joy, Satisfaction.
  • Stage 4 – Entirety, Peace, Expansion, Freedom, Bliss, Higher Self.
  • We will assess and move any foreseeable blocks in the road that may cause you restrictions moving forwards
  • We will set clear goals and tasks on a weekly basis that will move you onto the next stage of your journey seamlessly
  • We will launch you to be living your purpose on a daily basis with passion, conviction and drive!!!

Elevate your Life is available as an 8 week 1-2-1 Program or you can choose to work through the Stages one at a time and purchase individually.

As a Certified Personal Development Coach, I work closely with those ready to make powerful changes to their lives.

My Coaching Sessions bring my clients the unshakeable belief that they ABSOLUTELY can lead the life that was meant for them, that they didn’t think possible, with the power and confidence that allows them authentic freedom within themselves.

Whether my client is steering away from their own life path personally or professionally, we work to remove blocks that are in the way and build the inner power required to move forward to the greatness of Blissful Living.

Without developing ourselves and growing as human beings, we remain stunted in our life experiences and can feel challenged with our emotional understanding, goals and mindset. This is where we will therefore struggle with many areas of our lives such as relationships, career advancement, life satisfaction, finances, wellbeing and joy, to name a few.

Who is my Coaching for?

  • Specifically for those who are feeling disconnected and somewhat lost.
  • Who are feeling little or zero satisfaction in their day to day lives.
  • Those who are ready for a career or lifestyle change that is inline with who they truly are.
  • For those who are hungry for true authentic fulfilment and satisfaction.
  • Individuals who are experiencing real lack of confidence and self esteem to make productive and fulfilling change.
  • Those who feel misunderstood by the world.
  • For those who feel stuck in their situations unable to navigate a way out.
  • For those who are ready to exit suffocating relationships and have lost their identity.
  • People whose children have flown the nest or are settled into school and are experiencing a loss of purpose.
  • Who are ready to find their true soul purpose and live it to the fullest.


Investment in yourself is undoubtedly the best decision you can ever make and is the gift that keeps on giving.  By learning all the skills, healing the wounds, training the positive mindset and gaining a clear vision of your authentic purpose – you are unstoppable and geared for personal and professional success and joy.

Please email to discuss further regarding sessions and availability – Pricing and payment:

Elevate your Life – 8 Week, 1-2-1 Program – £999 – March Offer

(Usual price £1,200)

Fundamentally YOU

brown dragonfly on human left pinky finger

Fundamentally YOU – 4 Week, 1-2-1 Coaching Program runs in exactly the same way as Blissfully Wild but focusing on just the initial stages.

This Program is perfect for the individual that wishes to focus more on building themselves from the ground up, for a longer period of time.

This maybe due to the fact that you have neglected your own needs, intuition for such a length of time that you need to build better habits to support you going forwards.

Such a crucial part of the growth journey to life elevation but one often avoided by many as they are impatient to move forwards faster. Sadly without doing this part, the foundations are very often not strong enough to support the build or belief system to reach our desires.

No one can actually afford to miss this section.

Fundamentally YOU – 4 Week, 1-2-1 Coaching – £400

Email me at to discuss further.

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