Individual Coaching Sessions

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It is also possible for you to work with me session by session with you in control of scheduling your next appointment.

Some clients prefer to work with me in this way, paying as they go, with no ‘set in stone’ end date.

Very often clients will also choose this option following the full program, as a top up every 6 months – 1 year.

These sessions are full to the brim of self discovery and strategies and mindsets to Upgrade Your Life whether you are looking to master professional or personal growth.

Typical areas to Upgrade


  • Finding passion in a career
  • Self Belief to achieve
  • Promotion & starting a business


  • Relationship
  • Fulfillment / meaning
  • Confidence & Self Worth
  • Home bliss & harmony
  • Fun & Happiness

Usually, you may find that all of the above areas of your life need Upgrading. So often this happens as one area would have a knock on effect on another. This is why we take a very holistic approach to Coaching to achieve maximum results.

Sessions are held online via Zoom at agreed times.

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