Do you have good enough boundaries?

Just to mix it up a bit, here is a 30 minute training on creating boundaries in your life and exactly why we need them. Enjoy the video and do let me know if this is something that has struck a nerve and that you can implement into your life. Click the link below forContinue reading “Do you have good enough boundaries?”

We just want to be Happy, right?

Don’t you think that Spring is the start of everything new? It feels like this is when the New Year should really begin. Alongside the birthing of nature we have the lighter, longer days and the excitement of what’s to come… (along with the annual ritual of spring cleaning) This is where is feels comfortablyContinue reading “We just want to be Happy, right?”

When you know you can shine brighter…

If you truly take enough time to think about the title, I’m guessing you can relate to this. The main reason for this is because; 1. You have subscribed to my Coaching emails, so I’m thinking you may be searching for something, 2. Most of the population don’t live their full potential because they haveContinue reading “When you know you can shine brighter…”

How much of a plan do I need?

Do we need to keep making lists of goals and plans in the hope that we will feel justified that our life is moving forwards? Do we ever finally arrive or will we always feel like we are on a journey? In my experience of Coaching Clients and being a Mid-lifer, we are always onContinue reading “How much of a plan do I need?”

Are you seen?

So, maybe like me you are an extroverted introvert or a non bragger, head down hard worker, a peacemaker, calm doer, a silent lightworker, an observer, an empath – do any of these sound familiar? Most people associate the above characteristics and actions mainly belonging to individuals who are shy, hidden, meek people. I haveContinue reading “Are you seen?”

At Home within Yourself

Are you a smiler? Energetically we do something for other people & ourselves when we smile. We raise the vibe of those around us. By nature, I’m a smiler, I always have been. I have enough laughter lines to prove it too 🤣 You know what makes all the difference? A smile that comes fromContinue reading “At Home within Yourself”

theblissfullifecoach Do you sometimes find yourself in reoccurring issues of a similar kind? Sometimes wondering ‘why does this keep happening to me’? Maybe it’s a financial struggle that finds itself on repeat in your life. Could it be a string of failed relationships. Just maybe you find yourself in another dead end job where you’reContinue reading

Makeup must have’s for over 40’s

Of course over 40’s can still glow, look radiant and light up a room instantly. I have for you some key makeup tips to help your natural beauty shine through, to enhance your best features and to limit unnecessarily aging yourself. As we age and our skin becomes thinner and less supple, we need toContinue reading “Makeup must have’s for over 40’s”

Creating Home Bliss

Over the years I have ‘made home’ in some rather questionable environments. From lengths of time in backpackers hostels to shared houses to tired studio flats to complete home renovations, but each time I can safely say that I have created home in each of these abodes. As a empathic extroverted introvert, I have alwaysContinue reading “Creating Home Bliss”

The shaping of PND

In all honesty, I still don’t really know how the baby blues hit me. Was it the sleep deprivation? the over whelm of responsibility? the dramatic life change? the hormones? maybe a combination of all of them – 17 years later, I still have no idea but have finally dropped my investigation of trying toContinue reading “The shaping of PND”

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