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Directing your Energy

Guilty as charged 😳 Like me, have you spent more time leaning into your fears than your desires?It’s so easy to do this because our fears scream louder & more urgently than our wishes. Our fears are designed to do exactly that, be our alarm for danger & stressful situations. Sadly, because our fears areContinue reading “Directing your Energy”

I want to be ALIVE

I would hate to even make a guess as how many people are simply existing in the world and not truly living. We get caught right? we get wrapped up in our jobs, to do lists, school events to attend, housework just to get us through till the next day. What about the loop weContinue reading “I want to be ALIVE”

Creating Boundaries

Creating boundaries is not easy, I struggled with this for fear that people may think I’m a terrible person for saying no to them or not being at their disposal 24/7. The thing is, when I failed to set boundaries in new romantic relationships, with family or friendships, I created an impossible expectation of myselfContinue reading “Creating Boundaries”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Emma. A dreamer, a motivator & creator. My journey as a life coach has steered me in the direction of being a Student Behaviour Manager in Secondary School Education. Previously planted in dance & fitness instruction has allowed me to bring these two worlds together using creativity, positive mindset habits and pure energy.

I’m a free spirit, a introverted extrovert & probably a lot more (according to my husband)

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