Emma Reade

Empowerment and Transformational Coach & Mentor

Hi, I’m Emma. A dreamer, a motivator & creator. My journey as a life coach has steered me to work closely with individuals who are ready to ELEVATE their life, fulfill all their desires & feel empowered along their authentic journey.

Previously being planted in the dance & fitness instruction industry, it has allowed me to bring these two worlds together using creativity, positive mindset habits and pure energy along with my 25 year research into personal development and human behaviour.

Like many others, I too have faced difficulties in my life following two episodes of postnatal depression and a divorce. My fascination with tools for adopting a positive mindset and habits certainly supported me during this dark time and built my foundations stronger for my future. Through this journey of elevation, I chose to build my life again as a single mum which was closely followed by meeting my soul mate and having child number three. Bliss!

It is my gift, mission and pure soul’s path to serve others enabling them to discover authentic blissful living.

I work from the ground up with my clients ensuring they have strong, aligned foundations to build on before we delve into their needs and desires. As we begin to unveil a vision of the future, we work through our belief system and confidence to ensure we can move any barriers in our journey that could derail us.

To create Blissful Living we need to live a life that suits who we are. This means creating a harmony with ourselves in our mind, body and within our home.

Our home has a huge impact on the way we feel, our mental & physical health and the ability for each area of the home to work for you and your family.

Very often, during my Coaching Sessions, these paths cross over and we can find ourselves discussing better home arrangements, decluttering, creating harmonious spaces etc to enable better mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Maybe you have been through turmoil and are simply lost with who you are and what direction your life is heading in. I guide you on the journey of finding your joy, gaining full confidence along the way and creating a life of bliss simply by being you and tapping into your own life gifts.

I’m a free spirit, a introverted extrovert & probably a lot more (according to my husband). I know myself to be a Empath, a HSP and a recovering People Pleaser, which I see as absolute gifts as it has allowed me to form a deeper connection with my clients and gain wonderful results quickly and with complete ease.

Get in touch

I am always interested in connecting. If you want to chat about Coaching, Home Bliss, Holidays, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

What People Say

I didn’t know much about coaching it was more of an instinctual pull.

I was nervous, but quickly Emma put me at my ease and here is where I don’t quite know how it happened. Through a process of conversation gentle guiding through the network that unfolded I began a journey.

Quickly establishing that my mind was cluttered, my perpetual to do list poking at me reminding me I was in a static mode, Emma gave me ideas of how to change my approach to all the tasks and ideas and thoughts that were jumbled up and being regurgitated day after day week after week.


Through the course of the weeks, and again, I am not sure how this happened but through gentle searching with Emma I realised that the focus of the job needing to change was hiding a deeper sticking point, the desire to be open to intimacy to possibly a relationship and a growing awareness that I had closed myself away from those possibilities.


Thank you Emma for giving me the chance to explore and discover all that was within me…. thank you for being organic in your practice I came looking at work and left viewing and feeling the whole me.


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