Who will you be today?

Haven’t we all been in jobs that don’t necessarily suit us but it’s a ‘means to an end’ for a spell of time?

The thing is, we will all be in a role that isn’t a reflection of who we are but it pays the bills, fits around family, feels safe etc
The important thing is to know when to call it a day.
The day we don’t need the job to fit around our young family anymore or the day your soul has had enough working a job that brings you little – zero joy.
We do have a tendency to stay in safety, knowing our surroundings & therefore stay in our comfort zone.
Here is very often why women in their midlife years connect with me due to feeling lost, unfulfilled & directionless.

We’ve worn many hats over the years & become adaptable to the next seasons change, so much so, we have lost our intuitive compass that pulls us towards our natural path.

Can you relate to this ladies?

I repeatedly say to my clients that the midlife stage of life is the beginning of a glorious chapter for them.
Its a time to look inwards at their own passions & desires whilst drawing on the life lessons they have encountered & risen from.

It’s quite possibly one of the most exciting, empowering, reverting times in a woman’s life.
The point when life’s pathway forwards is just about their own talents, passions, desires, concerns, values coming to fruition.

So, most of us have been Mr Ben for a spell. Whilst it was fun, it may not of set your soul on fire & allowed you to make a significant difference to you & your corner of the world.

Do you remember your Mr Ben days ?
Are you ready to wear your own costume ?

Do you wish to know your Personal Life Direction?

– comment CHANGE below & I’ll send you details x

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