Let’s Get Planning

I’m 100% not an Autumn/Winter person but I have learnt to find beauty in this time of year that I can flourish from.

I’ve adjusted myself to not only function effectively in the colder months but to use this time to nurture, cultivate and grow from the Hibernation period.

‘Planting the seeds for what’s to come’ is hugely exciting and compulsory for significant change.

We are home more in the winter months, the evenings are longer, a fine time to plot the plans for the coming year.

Do the initial stages early enough and you will have many months left to learn new habits, research and get the ball rolling for the changes you desire.

This is the stage I am usually involved in with a client, when it’s all ideas flying around, the passionate ones and the ones they feel they ‘should’ be pursuing.

It can all feel really messy in this stage and is usually a phase when, clients without mentoring, would feel too overwhelmed to continue figuring it all out.

You see, for most individuals, it can get seriously confusing trying to gain a clear picture of our fully functional and purposeful, fulfilling life. We get sidetracked with our commitments, the obstacles, finances, family ties, time challenges etc.

Then it can be increasingly tricky to try and make a structured plan as to what we need to focus on first, the growth plan – The Actual Doing!!!

This is all the absolute non negotiable bits to moving life forwards in the way in which your soul had it written for you.

This is where you gain your true life with valued fulfilment. Where you fit. Where everything around you feels like arriving home.

Let’s romanticize this

Find your way of gathering the visual picture of where you’re heading, what you require and your initial plans.

A Hygge way of doing this in the winter months could be spending a late afternoon sat in your favorite, cosy coffee shop journaling your vision.

Maybe lighting a fire on a Sunday morning and spending the day plotting plans into your diary would be your thing?

What about a fresh, brisk walk in nature to clear your head and gain inspiration?

A hot chocolate or a glass of wine curled up on the sofa with your favorite candle tickling your senses, could be just the environment for your imagination to start bubbling.

Use this headspace to gather the full mental, emotional and physical picture of what you would like the next year to unravel for you.

We can think of ideas, we can romanticize how it may feel, we can set on our way and find what lights our fire. The thing is, we need all 3 activated to make the desired future possible.

1.We need to mentally imagine every aspect of where we are heading. What does it looks like & how it can work day to day?

2. We need to feel it in our emotions. How happy it will make us, satisfied, proud and how all of the emotions sit in our body.

3. We need to physically get into action and ‘Do the Do’ of making it all happen.

No part of the process can be skipped.

PS – Is this is you & you would like to be productive during this hibernation period? Let’s get ready for your life plans to grow shoots, send me over a message today for more information.


Enjoy your hibernation period. Be ready to thrive by the start of December.

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