How to improve your physical & mental wellbeing from your home.

Yep, the place where we spend the majority of our time can/will improve our whole wellbeing, if executed efficiently.

Here are some tips to do just that:

+ Keep curtains wide open during day light hours & allow the light to flood through your home. If privacy is an issue for you, get some cool voiles in your style to block prying eyes.

+ Open your windows, even in winter. You need to allow fresh air to move around the home to move the energy & boost your body & mind.

+ Restrict your viewing time on the tv or devices, the constant noise from a device is still pouring into your brain & not allowing for adequate reset time.

+ Create a personal nook/zone for just you to escape to. Everyone in the home should have one. Even if it’s a corner of your bedroom, it’s your sacred corner to recharge, undisturbed & have your favourite ‘go to’ items to help you relax.

+  Harsh fake lighting can be irritable for your eyes & be a contributor to poor sleep. Try & keep your lighting warm & soft in your chill out areas. Don’t panic – softer LED lighting is coming to the market soon!!

+ To help you reduce stress, get rid of items in your home that you either don’t use or have no real emotional connection to. Make it easy for yourself to get ready, find your things, clean efficiently by tossing away clutter.

+ Get back into your music & discover the new sounds that marry with your life today. You may need to search for a good relaxation playlist or inspiring, motivating sounds. Try 432 Hertz Frequency through the home to calm everyone in it!!

+ Try dusting & hoovering on a regular basis. Not only does it look & smell nicer but you are stopping the amount of dust you are breathing into your body.

+ Look at exchanging harsh cleaning chemicals for friendlier versions, especially when cleaning areas that will have contact with your skin. It takes on average 6 seconds for anything that has contact with your skin to reach your blood stream.

More to come…
But this should keep you very busy for now 


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