Your Home, Your Happiness & Your Holistic Wellbeing

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Trying to get all your ducks in a row right now? Or maybe you’re still searching for the god damn ducks period?!

Well let’s chat about the correlation between your wellbeing, happiness, productivity, relationships etc. Let’s see how you can get all these areas working in sync.

A little bit of background first. From a very young age I was fascinated with the arrangement of furniture and rooms within the home space. I loved experimenting with what felt right, created more space, made me happier, was more user friendly etc. I then began reading books about Feng Shui – A ancient Chinese practice of arranging the home/workspace to improve energy and harmony within the space.

The more I delved into Feng Shui, the more I realised that the cures, suggestions and plans were very much inline with what I instinctively knew already and was practicing. The more I implemented Feng Shui into my home, the more it felt right to me and everyone in the family.

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To me, home is one of the most important places in our lives. It is our own space away from the rest of the world. Here we get to restore our energy, have peace, be surrounded by things we love. We get to invite in our favorite people in and most of all be totally and utterly ourselves in privacy without judgement.

Anyway, forward on many years and I became a Certified Life Coach. Helping women to fully live an elevated life with an abundance of self love. What I didn’t expect during my Coaching Sessions was to find that many women were struggling. Their self worth, confidence, procrastination, self care etc was an issue which was partly directly linked back to their home environment.

Sometimes they found they didn’t have their own space at home to replenish. Some gradually found their work frustrations were due to bad organisation/systems in the home. Some were experiencing negative relationships & had no zone for adult hanging out. I traced back other clients low moods and discovered that they were being impacted by home clutter, disfunction, depressing decor, lack of light, bad sleeping environment blah blah, the list goes on in fact.

So this was my ah ha moment, that point where I realised most women feel the same as I do about their home, or at least wish to. The connection of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing with the actual physical home design, energy and arrangement is HUGE.

Our whole being is impacted by our home environment and our home is impacted by our wellbeing.

Even when life throws us a curve ball of trauma, ill health, break ups, difficult times – our home, if you get it right, can be a perfect sanctuary to heal. If there are lots of you living in your home, get the home space right and the boundaries, then this should be the perfect place for you to gain your mental clarity, rest, life perspective and inner strength.

Even in my most humblest of homes, over the years, the energy and purpose I have created in these spaces have given me the greatest support and the most magical creative ideas.

As time passes, sure we don’t notice the elements of our home that don’t necessarily work for us. We get busy with life and just adapt to the layout, function, design of what we already have. Sometimes it is invaluable to have another persons professional eye to wander over what already exists in our home and question what we would like to achieve.

Remember, your mental and emotional state can impact the home you live in and the space you working, and visa versa. The 2 are intertwined without question.

If you feel disfunction, unease, negativity, chaos, damage in your home let’s chat about how this can be cured and the impact on your wellbeing.

Experiencing disfunction, self esteem issues, feelings of being lost in yourself? then let’s rectify where and why this is occurring and cure the impact it maybe having in your home.

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