Breaking the Mould

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Let’s talk FREEDOM for a minute. One of the most important subject areas in my life, along with love.

Is it just me or aren’t we all freedom seekers? I’m not talking just about the freedom that is our god given right as a human being, but also the freedom of being ourselves and accepted for that.

Feeling trapped, feeling controlled, pigeon holed, stifled, ‘expected of’ are such freedom stealers that can leave us spiritless and empty.

Right from school age, society does a great job in offering us choice and opportunity to expand ourselves. Sadly, it also pigeon holes us and limits us to developing our confidence in our own unique abilities. But that’s a whole other subject that no doubt I’ll bark on about in a video 😉

To me, the ultimate freedom is ‘having no restrictions on being exactly who you are’.

Whether it’s someone else restricting you or you disempowering and restricting yourself, it all amounts to the same thing;

You will not feel fully free in being exactly who you are. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you are with – if you don’t feel brave and comfortable enough to be yourself, you will never truly be FREE.

The freedom I am talking about it the one where you feel happy enough in your own skin to wear the clothes you feel drawn to and that represent your personality. Where you feel brave enough to take on challenges that light you up. Where you know yourself well enough to say no to things that aren’t in line with your beliefs. Where you are confident enough to know you are loveable and have love to share. When you respect and love yourself enough to make giant career moves. When you are free enough to speak your mind even when others may not agree.

Freedom is within you. If you restrict, squash, silence, conform, follow and lessen who you are – you don’t have a life that is meant for you, you have a existence.

My top 5 Tips for Freedom living are:

  1. Stop kidding yourself. If you know something is off, let’s put some light on that shadow and see what’s going on. Own every aspect of YOUR journey.
  2. Write a list of things / people in your life that don’t feel aligned to you and who you are.
  3. Write a new list of what gives you joy, peace and satisfaction.
  4. What do you hide, shrink about yourself through fear of others opinions or for being seen?
  5. What do you want to say, show, do in this world. If you had 5 mins to tell the human race something, what would it be?

If I can share any thought with you today, it would be a massive urge to break free of your own restrictions and live life NOW on your terms. Apologies if this sounds cliché but holy moly, no one can do this for you, this should be the gift you give yourself.

Your Freedom and ability to be you is far more valuable than any house, car or holiday you will ever buy – it is your whole being – this is what people don’t understand – this is where your true happiness lies.

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