The luxury of staying in a Victim Mentality Mindset

Ok, a tad tongue in cheek but it truly is easier to stay in victim mentality than learn & rise from it.

In order to stop being a victim we need to

– accept the situation that occurred,

– heal from it,

find wisdom to be learnt from it.

We initially see the THING that placed us into victim mode, as something that happened To Us.

Once we heal and find the wisdom within recovering from the trauma, we see that the situation happened For Us.

It doesn’t mean to say that a situation SHOULD of happened In your life causing you emotional trauma – but if it did, how can we learn and turn it round into something truly empowering.

A failed marriage doesn’t mean a loveless future.

A failed business doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful one.

A penniless present doesn’t mean you can’t have a wealthy future.

Start where you are, with what you have.

Accept what happened, heal and allow yourself a future.

What happened in the past or even in this moment, doesn’t have to be your entire story.

The reason most people don’t move forward from the victim mentality stage is;

1. It can be tough to face the demons

2. It requires personal development work that some can’t be bothered with

3. They enjoy the attention they receive from remaining a victim

4. They have carried their pain story for so long, they don’t know who they would be without it

5. They don’t know how to create a vision or future

6. They have such little self worth, they don’t believe they are deserving of a pain free future.

Thankfully ALL 6 reasons I give you here ( as the most common ) are all solve-able – YAYYY!!

It’s simply making the choice.

Sorry, but that is down to each individual person to make that decision.

You choose a life or you choose to exist.

The temporary joyful fixes of a new outfit, bottle of bubbles or a new car only last for so long.

What is your happiness worth to you?

Please choose your happiness EVERY FLAMIN TIME. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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