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I have to say, my career/work history is fairly varied. If I show anyone my CV they would be pretty surprised at how diverse my jobs have been over the years.

Probably like you, I have had some jobs because they fit in nicely around other commitments like education, kids, travel etc, In fact that is probably true to say about the majority of my jobs. But, the variety of industries I have worked in have purely been a pull from my desires.

Yes, I’m sure this is laughable for many people as in my day, we were led to believe that you choose a career path and work your way through that one industry. Well thank god we have stretched and broken the mold a bit now. Not all of us were designed to stay in one industry or one role for the rest of our working days. Some of us are multi passionate and feel called to dip into many working areas to gain experience and satisfaction.

I did feel like a bit of a weirdo. As a trained dancer and on the side waitress, to then work seasons as a window cleaner, chamber maid, ballet teacher, fitness instructor, bar manager, admin assistant, receptionist, health club assistant manager, shop assistant, behaviour manager, life coach… I never really stopped to ask myself why I was darting around but it just felt right, so I continued to do just that.

Now at the grand age of 48, I can look back over the time spent in each of these areas and see exactly why it has contributed to where I am now and where I am aiming to be in the next 2-5years. I can see how collectively, I needed to gain experience in all of these areas that have subsequently added to my skills.

This is what has helped me

In the last couple of years, since delving into Human Design more, this has all become very clear and confirmed that my path so far has been completely typical of my design type.

If you are unfamiliar with Human Design, in a nutshell it draws on traditions like the I-Ching, the kabbalah, the chakra system, and astrology to help you understand what makes you unique. We do this by gathering data such as your date, time and place of birth.

My design type is a Manifesting Generator, which completely explains why I am multi passionate and will have a few pots boiling at the same time to keep me interested and feeling alive. This also gives me great guidance of what I need to be aware of as someone who has natural energy, wishing to avoid burnout but keep natural energy in flow.

Are you familiar with Human Design? This is something I am adding a touch of into my coaching practice to help others reveal their unique behaviour habits and styles. It compliments the coaching so nicely and simply gives another layer of understanding of yourself.

Are you intrigued to find out your type, what areas you should be aware of and what works well for you?

If so, shoot me over an email and I can take down your details.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t live my life by human design but it has 100% assisted me on my journey. It reveals areas to address like communication in a relationship, how to grow your business, how to take care of yourself, your needs, how you grow yourself and basically how to stay rooted on your unique path.

It’s totally mind blowing and completely comforting to know that the areas you felt were weird or strange and not like another’s – are totally natural for you.

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