Bridge the Gap

So, the ideal life you desire, doing things you love, with healthy balance, with people who are good for you, with a sufficient amount of excitement matched with the gift of inner peace. ⭐️– Perfecto!

This is a very general overview that once dissected with each and every person individually, would show greater detail into their love, creativity, business and joy aspirations.

With each person – once we know the ideal life you are aspiring to, we do this;

1. We check that all of the desires are coming from a authentic place with a little flame being ignited from the belly.

2. We establish who you need to be in order to gain this life and level of bliss. This does not come from a personality swap but from reaching into the shadows that prevent you from moving forwards & strengthening the natural gifts that are desperate to sprout.

3. We then look at any new skills you may need to learn/adopt in order for you to flourish. This includes mindset work with me.

4. We remove any physical/mental/emotional blocks that love to jump up & stand in the way of your growth.

5. Through all of this we are gradually working through our goal list in a ‘bite size’ format. This is a mixture of physical ‘got to do plans’ that edge you nearer your goal and a learning of new daily habits to tie it all together seamlessly.

This is where we bridge the gap between who we are today and what we are doing, to who we need to be & how we achieve our desires.

It’s wonderfully empowering.

This is the process I help people with – living a full and meaningful life being exactly the person you were meant to be.

I help you with the whole process of assisting you to create your authentic vision whilst supplying you with the tools & mindset shifts needed.

Together we access any barriers, limiting beliefs & negative behaviour that we rewire into powerful habits.

We set real targets for you weekly to edge you nearer to your goal & plan how you will go about this, whilst also abolishing any fear that creeps up in the mean time.

We continue delving and building until there are no more fears in the shadows , you are well on your way to your desired life & you feel totally elevated!!

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