What would your life look like?

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Don’t we all have that area of our lives that requires drastic change, but we don’t feel brave enough, energetic or inspired enough to take action?

God, how many of us are too scared to look into the shadows of who we are or the dark, toxic areas of our lives that cause us pain and discomfort?
We continue to push these tricky parts of our lives further into the shadows so we can focus on getting by and avoid any further pain.
The thing is, what’s in the shadows will continue to feel scary and unapproachable until you shine a bloody great light on it all. This would allow you the freedom of a future that isn’t based on fear and stop you from holding yourself back.

Shining a light on your shadows could mean:

~ Some form of healing is required but it could also be simply that you need to finally create detachment from a person or situation.
~ It could be that you need to accept and move past an experience that took place.
~ Or that you need help with making mindset changes that keep dragging you to a state of low mood and anxiety.
~ I can guarantee that everyone requires some assistance in dealing with the way they talk to themselves, the expectations and the judgement from others that they have been subjected to.

Yes, this all does make a MASSIVE difference to what you feel you are capable of achieving in life.

So, I want you to take a moment and think about what this means to you.
If you were able to cast a light on those shadows and remove them from your life, what would this mean to you and what could you achieve and become without the fears and stories lurking around in the shadows?

What would this mean to you?

If the fears were absent and you felt strong enough to install life changes, what would it mean to your life, your happiness?

I understand that when we have been living a certain way for so long, ignoring the shadows etc, and we have found ways of getting through life without having to look into the shadows, this feels enough.
But, is it enough? if you are still living in fear of, or shrinking yourself, remaining comfortable, compromising who you can become and compromising who you spend your life with – is this a good way to live your only life on this earth?

Isn’t it time?

~ Isn’t it time that you were unconditionally loved for everything that you are and treated in a way that shows this?
~ Are you ready to say bollocks to the judgement of others and feel the breeze of freedom throughout your being?
~ Don’t you want to see how far you can grow in your career and let your natural gifts rise?
~ Maybe you could move to an environment that speaks to your soul.
~ Ready for your demons and self sabotaging talk to ‘Back Right Off’?

If you would like a discussion with me about raising your life or you are confused as to what you should be accepting and allowing as a life existence, please contact me on the email below. ( I do email back 🙂

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Sending you love and best wishes this weekend.
Emma x

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