Who do you need to be?

young woman in a round hat

I’m not talking about becoming someone you are not naturally, I’m talking about these two areas of your being;

  1. Are you fully drawing on all the gifts that you have/are to live the highest, elevated version of your life?

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you are an Assistant Manager for a company, you’re doing well but you notice things frequently that aren’t maybe progressive, cost effective, good management, polished organisation etc. But, you see this when many don’t or choose not to. Are you drawing from your wisdom and insight here to problem solve and share your findings? Are you allowing knowledge to be seen and your voice to be heard that will build your career, self belief and respect?

Maybe you are a creative that needs time or practice to explore this area further, allowing you to flourish. Or, maybe you’re a great listener who could be adding to their skill set with voluntary work, blogging or further training.

You see where i’m going here. Have you truly accessed your full potential? The element of you that you wouldn’t even consider to be a gift because it comes so naturally to you.

2. What attitude, belief, skills etc do you need to adopt to be able to step into the life you desire?

Hmmm, this one is often one forgotten about.

If you are trying to set up your own business or get a promotion, who do you need to become to make that possible, to shorten the gap to get there?

When you are an employee, we very often stay in that mindset. For anyone to be able to step up whether it’s in corporate, as a Sportsman, Performer, CEO, Founder, Writer, Explorer – it is imperative that you put on the hat of that role prior to being ready.

This could be ensuring you are moving in circles of people that are already achieving what you would like to, so you can observe the mindset and habits they adopt.

It might be that you need to establish a greater sense of self worth, confidence and inner assurance.

Could it be that a upgrade in your appearance is necessary? I seriously don’t mean dressing for others at all here but if you are required to be a smart dresser with clean attire for your company’s profile than this will be a deal breaker. Let’s face it, no one wants to go to a hairdresser that has shit hair!!

Do you need to understand business further, accounts, tax, communication skills?

All of these things need to be considered if you are looking to Elevate your Life. You need to look at bridging the gap between who you are right now and the person you will be when you have your Upgraded Life.

Everyone’s will be personal to them but I can guarantee that everyone reading this will have something necessary to do in order to bridge the gap.

The same method would also apply to other areas of your life too.

If you desire a meaningful, respectful and loving relationship, who do you need to become for that to arise?

Do you need to embody more self love, self respect, self worth? Are you needing to heal from past trauma? Do you need to create boundaries? Would it help to learn new communication skills? Do you know how to open up your heart? Do you know what your needs are in a relationship?

So many people believe that when you gain the life you desire, that is when you become the person worthy of love with oodles of confidence. Not true. Use the Law of Assumption here, assume you already have it all and step into being that person that made it all happen, before it happened.

If it helps, make a list of your desires followed by a list of the person you need to be and the things you need to brush up on that will get you there.

With love x

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