What’s holding you back from an INCREDIBLE life?

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Of course we need to have gratitude for the blessings in our lives, of course we have to see the good in what we already have achieved and possess, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t improve the areas that aren’t working or fulfilling the desires we dream.

It’s logical isn’t it? If something isn’t working, we change it right?

If a job, relationship, friendship, environment, style of parenting isn’t working for us – we need to make adjustments, tweaks that allow us to get a better outcome.

We know this, yet we hold numerous reasons why the alterations don’t take place.

Granted, if it’s a relationship that needs improvement, we do require the other person involved to be a willing participant. That said, if they are not willing to work with you, isn’t the answer already clear? We can choose to see this ‘elephant in the room’ and remove it from our life, or we can continue to walk around it, step over it.

We know that the latter choice also prohibits healing, development and new opportunities entering our lives.

Change can be hard, it requires us to step up and be heard/seen and change the way we do things but it WILL also be a totally refreshing and cleansing experience that allows opportunity.

So, I’ll tell you one of the main things that’s preventing you from living your incredible life.

What can we do about it?

Yep, circumstances can be tricky, finances could be strained, the emotional turmoil may be challenging BUT none of these are impossible, believe me. I started a business with no money, I started a new life on my own with 2 children and a dog with no savings and I retrained to do a job that I bloody adore. I chose opportunity not excuses!

Back to my point, that one main thing is the story you are telling yourself over and over again. Maybe even the story others around you are telling you too.

Stay with me on this. Facts – 90% of our brain activity is from our subconscious mind ( the one that stores all the information and influences your actions and feelings ) Only 10% is from our conscious mind ( the one that notices a car driving past or seeing your friend across the street )

As you can imagine, we have stored a unbelievable amount of thoughts, feelings, habits, stories, opinions over the years and all of these lay in your subconscious mind ready to ping to life when you are in a relatable state of mind or moment.

Let’s change it

We can’t consciously remember everything but how many unhelpful, negative statements, situations and emotions are hanging out in your subconscious mind waiting to pounce and sabotage another desired goal?

What stories are you continuously telling yourself as to reasons that you can’t / shouldn’t move away, set up a business, leave a partner, dispose of a friendship, earn more money, invest in yourself, write a book, go on that date etc?

When these stories appear, it’s not enough to try and ignore the dialogue, you need to replace it – therefore creating a new story in your subconscious mind. Let’s take an example;

YOU: God, I would love a promotion/new job

Subconscious mind: yeah but your not qualified enough and others are better than you.

YOU: Yep true, same old, I’ll just carry on.

Right, firstly, where is this old story coming from that others are better than you? Do you remember being told this as a child, by a parent, ex partner, teacher? Did you come to this conclusion yourself because you compared yourself to others?

Dissect this and see where it is coming from, why you believe it to be true and if in fact ( in your heart of hearts ) you believe this to be true.

Second, Why are you giving in to your desires if you are not experienced or qualified enough yet? What can you do about this, how can you gain experience or get qualified? Is the qualification 100% needed for this role or similar?

Only by changing the old stories and beliefs that are not serving you anymore, can you remove the great big barriers in the way stopping you from flourishing.

It doesn’t have to be incredibly deep work of bringing up your entire past but you do have to notice your negative statements, know where they are coming from and rewrite them with empowered belief.

Seriously – This is a game changer.

Allow yourself time to notice that inner critic, give yourself time to investigate its roots – then pull the damn thing out the ground and plant your new belief doing it your way.

No one knows you better than you.

Sending you love. I hope this helps. Do let me know your breakthroughs 🙂

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