My Naked Truth

My Naked Truth
If you are reading my emails or following me on social media, I think it’s important to know the persons story who you choose to tune into.
I think it’s imperative you know that I didn’t fall into Coaching so it could potentially fit work around my family or the ability to work from home, that’s just a brucey bonus :)Like some others in the wellbeing industry, I found Coaching following my own battles with positive mindset, anxiety, productivity, self belief etc. My life so far, probably like yours, is a web of experiences that we need to navigate our way through without getting too hung up on the shitty bits.

So, back in the early 2000’s when I suffered from post natal depression after 2 of my children, I realised that honest conversation was pretty sparce around this subject. A few years later this was followed by a lonesome marriage and subsequently a divorce. For me to deal with these agonising experiences effectively, I had to do some investigating, which in the wellbeing sector, is a complete minefield.
I knew I had to heal from the pain whilst also being a resilient mum. I needed to understand how I personally process these situations, how I was in-fact an empath and very often a introvert in areas of my life. How I felt the pain of others as well as my own, how I needed to understand why others didn’t feel things as deeply as I did and how I can keep buoyant during these times. ( By the way, I didn’t know any of this about myself until I started finding out ‘ who the F I was ‘)This information did not come easily. Not only did it take bloody years to research, it took a good amount of time to process. All that before I even started work on moving forwards with a positive, abundant life with desires of a beautiful relationship, family home and my own business.

It was then that I made the choice to be what my younger self needed all those years ago. To be the support, mentor and coach to others who are lost in life due to circumstances, are desperate to feel heart lifting fulfillment and live a life in excitement of what’s to come yet in perpetual peace. My heart can get heavy with the thought of individuals walking the earth feeling misunderstood or living a life that is completely the wrong path for them. When we have no clue who we are or where we are heading and we are stuck in a life that wasn’t meant for us, we get the feeling of dis-ease… So, how do you think this manifests in our mind and body?
The feeling of helping others gain a WONDERFUL life is indescribable. Seeing someone LOVING Life rather than going through the motions is something you cannot put a price on. So that’s a short snap shot of why I do what I do and why I wish to breathe it into every corner of the world. I know we are all so bloody important in this world. We need everyone turning up in all their glory, believing in who they are and having a great time whilst doing it.
Thank you for reading. I would love to connect with you if you can relate to my story. We are all in this together 🙂
Sending you Bliss
Emma x

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