Fight the Fear

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You may have caught me on Instagram or Facebook recently talking about Fighting the Fear as I think this is key to our move forwards.

Some of the time, it feels like a busy, loud world out there and even more fraught post pandemic. We were jolted into fear based living due to the unknown which was very much assisted by a fear based media.

That behind us, as I really don’t want to deepen the conversation about the pandemic, we have the aftermath of fearful living to contend to.

Like any habitual behaviour, if we are doing it for long enough, it becomes our knew way of thinking and doing. It doesn’t even need to have been a intense feeling of fear, enough of it mildly repeated can cement us into fight or flight mode.

You may of noticed how tricky it is to feel excited and inspired by the present and future when a part of you is sitting with a fear mentality. It’s virtually impossible to set intention and have a high vibrational energy whilst also feeling stuck in a low vibrational energy. The two will continue to cause havoc for one another causing more frustration and procrastination.

So, what can we do?

Living in fear has a habit of stealing the joy in the moment and the joy of looking forward to what’s to come. To be able to get some context around this and to trim back the fears, my suggestion is for you to monitor the thoughts around the things that bring you fear. ie;

  • Are these thoughts rational?
  • What is the likelihood of this fear becoming reality?
  • Is this actually my fear or one put upon me by others?
  • Is the fear reasonable but my thoughts around it are catastrophising?
  • Is this fear benefitting me in anyway?
  • What is the worst that can happen?
  • Is this within my control?

Catch yourself out in the moment when you have a fearful thought. Gradually this will help you trim away the fearful living you may be experiencing without even realising it.

Try and notice if there is a pattern to your fears. Are your fears all about your health, finances, family? this will help you become a little more familiar regarding where the fear is being bred from and who you can chat to for peace of mind and clarity.

Fear has a way of creeping into various areas of our lives where it is not needed, very often triggering anxiety along the way. In order to trim it back to a manageable state, we are required to lean into the fear and question the hell out of it.

Seriously, when we shine a light in a dark, mysterious and scary corner – we can see that there is nothing there. By shining a light on our fears, they lose impact and power – allowing us to feel our joy in the moment once more.

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