What do YOU believe?

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Something I wanted to bring to light as we creep tentatively into the festive season and New Year, is what we believe to be true.

Let me explain, in my years as a life coach, what has become crystal clear is that whatever my clients believe to be true – is true. I have also experienced this as a performer, wife, mother and support worker.

If I believe I can’t – I am right, If I believe I can – I am right.

Our mindset and our self belief have the ability to shut our ambitions and desires down sharp. If we have been given the assumption by someone else or we have created the story that we are not skilled enough, unworthy, uneducated, unloveable, too weak, too dull to cultivate our desires, then that is what we will continue to assume unless we UNLEARN those negative statements.

Usually we come to these damaging conclusions on the back of someone else’s jealousy or maybe our own fear of failure. But, what I know to be true, is whatever you believe about yourself, is true. So it’s up to you what you choose to believe about you, whether you choose to rummage around for evidence as to why you shouldn’t try or why someone else may have evidence of your previous failings.

What we walk into everyday is a new start, with new beliefs of what we may be able to achieve today and the days that follow.
Without a mindset that believes you will start a successful business, fall in love, travel abroad, you will stay restricted and unable to grow into the life you truly desire.
Remember, if you can vision it, it is therefore possible.

This is the essence that I release from my clients, the pure belief, drive, ambition, desire, determination to cultivate the very life they only ever dared to dream about.
When I label myself a Empowerment Coach – that is exactly what I do. My coaching encompasses all of the above into a easy, bespoke style that draws out your gifts, your energy, your passion, your confidence, your inner belief – your authentic unstoppable self.

My personal drive for doing what I do is that historically, I very much used to live my life in the shadows. I’m a introverted extrovert so when I’m feeling comfortable in my surroundings, I can be wild and let myself go. Then, when i’ve spent time with people, I will need to retreat back to my own company to renew my energy.
Living life in the shadows can be being wild enough to fit in and divert away from your own personal needs – ‘my extrovert behaviour’. OR being a hermit and hiding from all your needs and desires completely – ‘my introvert behaviour’.

What can I do to change this?

Unlearning and relearning behaviour and self belief patterns are vital to be living life in our own beautifully authentic style. 
The life changing transformation that this will bring is astronomical.
Whilst humans are creatures that will easily treat themselves to a 2 week holiday, new iphones, spa days etc. ( and why the hell shouldn’t we ) we rarely see the value of investing in ourselves, our minds, our ability to be so much more than we currently are.

I am currently taking bookings for December and January for FREE Discovery Calls. If you are curious as to how I can assist you and how your life can expand exponentially, pop me an email and we can book you in for a no obligation chat.


Final thought. Be aware of your thoughts lovely people. What you believe to be true, will be true to you, so let’s make it a good belief 😉

So much love and positive well wishes 

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