Directing your Energy

Guilty as charged 😳

Like me, have you spent more time leaning into your fears than your desires?
It’s so easy to do this because our fears scream louder & more urgently than our wishes. Our fears are designed to do exactly that, be our alarm for danger & stressful situations.

Sadly, because our fears are loud and triggering, we can divert too much of our energy towards the worry, rumination and anxiety that it encompasses.

What happens here is the anxiety around fear, breeds more fear as we delve deeper into the catastrophe that we tell ourselves.
Very often our anxieties around fear are due to the continuous concern we have about what COULD happen and very often we feed this worry by lending it our focused energy.

I know this to be incredibly hard for over thinkers like me but we need to DIVERT our attention immediately.

After all, what we give our attention to, we bring more of into our lives.

So, let’s divert our focused energy on solving a problem, building desires, setting goals, getting into action, creating our vision

Rather than feeding our fears that build more strength and create bigger stories.

Realign your energy every time it wanders back to your fear. It can be relentless initially but soon enough your mind will get used to the new behaviour pattern and it will no longer require you to direct it.

Go build and supersize your desire.
Write them down on post it notes & scatter them around the house to remind your mind! Redirect your Energy!

Send alerts to your phone demanding positive energy diversion.

Make a list of all the things that can shake you out of feeding the fear ie: music, dancing, running, even if it’s 3 minutes running on the spot – it shakes off & moves your focus beautifully.

Habit changing is one of the most powerful personal development shifts we go through during Life Coaching sessions with me @theblissfullife.
Change only happens if you change what or how you do something.

It’s pure #empowerment

#fearlessmotivation #feedyourdreams

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