We just want to be Happy, right?

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Don’t you think that Spring is the start of everything new? It feels like this is when the New Year should really begin. Alongside the birthing of nature we have the lighter, longer days and the excitement of what’s to come… (along with the annual ritual of spring cleaning)

This is where is feels comfortably aligned to make adjustments in our own personal lives, to bring about new positive habits and to clear out the old (whether that be material, mental or emotional clutter)

Anyway, back to the reason for my post.

In my years of Coaching and working with Clients regarding their personal development, the similarity that runs through everyone, is the desire to be happy.

Now, realistically we know that it is impossible to be happy 24 / 7. On life’s journey, we get the rough with the smooth and we are thrown lessons on a daily basis that challenge and stretch us (sometimes feeling like it’s breaking us) but generally, we collectively desire a happy disposition, a happy life.

After all, that is what life is about isn’t it?

The reason that I decided to help people achieve a happy life, sometimes focusing on 1 particular area, sometimes covering every area of their life, clients depending, is because, like most other people in the world, I have known darkness.

Ok, so my darkness was sometimes due to crazy hormones – post natal and other times was due to feeling empty in a marriage that I felt bitterly alone in. My goal was always the same though – to be happy.

I strived to be happy because I knew how if felt to actually, truly be happy. I knew to do this, I needed to make changes in my external life and changes internally with how I thought about myself and how I decided to look at the world.

By god it’s so much easier now at the age of 47 (not hormonally lol) but the fact that, as the years go on, you know yourself that bit better, get tired of your own BS and quite frankly – you get tired of other peoples BS too.

Here’s a fact for you: Did you know that recent studies have shown that in England 45% of adults occasionally, sometimes, often feel lonely? that’s 25 million people!!!

I am not sure how much the results differ from years ago, before social media or how much they changed during our global pandemic, but these results are so sad. Communication with others is FREE, our community spirit and nurturing is FREE, most people have phone packages where their calls and texts are incorporated into their monthly fee. See what I mean? How did we get like this?

I know from my experience I shared above, that loneliness doesn’t always come from not having people in our lives. Infact, studies show, we only actually need a few ‘right’ people in our lives to keep solitude at bay, we don’t need the masses. But, most of the time we can be surrounded by the wrong people.

We can have endless friends, family, colleagues around us but if they are the wrong people or we are unable to be ourselves around them, then this is isolating.

Do you know where in your life you need to find renewed happiness?

Do you actually know if you are happy in your relationship, career, social circle, home life, activities etc?

How much is your happiness worth to you?

To me, it’s everything (which is why I do this)

Don’t you want to feel joy in everything? Isn’t that the point of living? We feel our joy, we pass it on…

I offer 3 ways of working with me:

  • By the hour – ‘ I need life changes but not sure how much is necessary’
  • 30 Day Plan – ‘I’m good at actioning & need a fast turn around to key areas’
  • 8 Week Plan – ‘ I require a life shift, am committed and require work in many areas’

Do feel free to contact me for pricing and availability, no obligation whatsoever 🙂

You honestly deserve a happy life, it’s not for a chosen few, it’s a god given right!


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