When you know you can shine brighter…

If you truly take enough time to think about the title, I’m guessing you can relate to this. The main reason for this is because;

1. You have subscribed to my Coaching emails, so I’m thinking you may be searching for something,

2. Most of the population don’t live their full potential because they have no idea of their capabilities.

Most of my clients are, like me, are Midlifer’s. The common reason for this is that it’s usually the first time in a very long time that they have been able to stop from looking after children, working numerous jobs and trying to maintain a adequate work/life balance. In this moment of pause, they have been able to assess the areas of dissatisfaction, overwhelm and unhealthy balance that contributes towards blocking new opportunities and preventing them from living a life that suits their makeup.

Majority of people don’t seem to hugely regret the time they have spent in relationships that don’t serve them, avoiding relationships, working jobs they no longer love, looking after loved ones and generally avoiding their own life path BUT even though they may not regret, they are fully aware that they do not want this pattern to continue.

So when people finally give themselves permission to focus on their own skills and desires, very often they draw a blank as to what’s for them. No surprises there really, they have lost connection with their ambitions and life plans through lack of self care and nurture. This then creates a whole array of embedded emotions such as low self worth and reduced confidence.

Is any of what I have written something you can relate to? I bloody can! I’m a Mum of 3, on my second marriage, have too many pets and have had various jobs / careers to fit around family life. It gets messy eh?

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Enter The Blissful Life Coach..

Like any good, qualified Life Coach, I work with compatible clients to release inner desires, remove any blocks that are a disservice to you, help you create a strong deep inner confidence and design a road map to get you shining from within and leading a life you were made for.

With my intuitive work, I will help you discover all that is already within you and put to bed the life experiences that have had a detrimental effect to your being.

Midlifer’s work fast with me. Their journey and life reflection makes the Coaching process fairly quick and the transformation epic.

If you have been promising yourself the ability to ‘shine from within’ for quite a while now but haven’t managed to actually make enough ripples in your life, let’s have a conversation and see if we can work together. You can book a 30 minute chat with me on this link; https://calendly.com/blissfullifecoach/30min?month=2022-02

I offer a 30 Day Coaching Plan and a 3 Month Coaching Plan, depending on where you are in your journey.

By the way, It’s great to have you on board and on your journey of Blissful Living!

Live Blissfully


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