How much of a plan do I need?

Do we need to keep making lists of goals and plans in the hope that we will feel justified that our life is moving forwards? Do we ever finally arrive or will we always feel like we are on a journey?

In my experience of Coaching Clients and being a Mid-lifer, we are always on a journey. In those sour months when we feel no direction, goal or purpose, is usually when we are feeling a little lost emotionally. The misconception is that we need a grand plan to a final destination. We don’t, we need lots of little plans that have us enjoying even the tiniest of journeys that makes us feel in our soul, like we are truly living.

Our final destination is death to be perfectly frank and no Mid-lifer I have ever coached is anywhere near ready for that. So, the way I look at it, we are on a never-ending journey of discovery, governed by our own individual needs. And let me be really clear about these goals, it is not a frickin to-do list!! It is little goals and plans, fragments of desires you have that bring you joy or bring you closer to something that will eventually feel like joy.

So, I guess in answer to my original question, I would say it is imperative to have a goal. The secret is ensuring that you are connected to your goal in a way that makes your journey always feel worth while and like you are arriving home to the true essence of who you are.

And this is why it takes us until middle aged life to truly understand our personal journey. We were so distracted by all the things we thought we should be and should be doing that we somehow lost sight of where and who we wanted to be. I don’t know about you but I barely recognise the person I was going through half the experiences I encountered in my 20’s – 30’s.

It is now where we get to thrive with all the knowledge and experience we lived through in our younger self years. It is now that we can reflect with a little less pain in our hearts and a lot more wisdom, discovering a path forwards that uniquely works for us – unapologetically.

Society needs Mid-lifers to show up and be the voice of experience, trauma, fun, no shame. This is where not only do we thrive in our own lives but we have the ‘no bs attitude’ that demonstrates to others that it’s ok to be you, to speak up and to live life on our own terms.

The world needs you!! Are you showing up like you were meant to?

Here for you lovely people.

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