Are you seen?

So, maybe like me you are an extroverted introvert or a non bragger, head down hard worker, a peacemaker, calm doer, a silent lightworker, an observer, an empath – do any of these sound familiar?

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Be Seen

Most people associate the above characteristics and actions mainly belonging to individuals who are shy, hidden, meek people. I have to say, in my experience, that is utter BS. You can still be a strong minded, ambitious, kickass, confident being and hold the characteristics of all the above, we just have to handle ourselves better if we wish to be seen.

Very often in life it’s those that shout the loudest that get heard the most and I detest that. We know the loudest people aren’t always the ones that have the wisest things to say and lessons to teach.

So, if you have any of the qualities above, you may be able to relate that it can be tricky to be seen, but I do see you. It is crucial that someone with your skills and gentle nature gets seen by the world. Without changing who you are or what you stand for, it is possible for your light to shine.

Ok, so how do you do this?

  • Whatever you feel strongly about or whatever your passion is, find your way of communicating this in a way that best fits your talent and style. If you are great with words and have the ability to transfer your heartfelt message in the written form then look at starting a blog, guest write for someone elses blog, get a regular slot in a local paper writing articles. Maybe your energy is what draws people in to your message so a vlog would suit you better or a podcast. If you enjoy the interaction from an audience then its worth considering guest speaking at events or live online events where you can experience the interactive energy. Even if you don’t feel comfortable with these platforms at this stage but you know this is where you should be heading to be seen, lets discuss a scaled down version of this in order to do this gradually.
  • Check in with yourself that you are not simply people pleasing. Ensure you are not watering down your passion or message in order to please another or avoid confrontation. Your message and your opinion are valid – stand in that power! You do not have to feel that you should justify yourself either or be subjected to ridicule.
  • Recognise and really know who is deserving of your time. Do not waste your energy on those who are not seeking the highest good of themselves or others.
  • Is your physical being a true reflection of who you are? to be able to fully be seen and comfortable with being seen, you need to represent yourself authentically. You know the times you’ve gone out for the evening wishing you had never worn what you did as you have felt uncomfortable all evening and self-conscious. Spend some time researching your style, going through your wardrobe and in general your whole look. What you wear, how you have your hair and make up etc, should be such a naturally comfortable representation of your character that you have no issue with being seen.
  • Are you all geared up to be seen and then the ‘monkey brain starts chatting negative self talk at you? Yup, this happens to us all. Just know, these are passing thoughts, they do not hold facts. For every negative statement your monkey brain speaks, over ride it with 3 positive ones immediately. Of course your monkey brain wants to sabotage your potential, we are humans, we are wired to look at the negative and asses the danger BUT most of the time it is not necessary to do this, we are just following habits that are not serving us in this particular situation.
  • Remember your strong silence can be equally as powerful in the correct situations.
  • As we evolve and grow with age, our tastes, talents, interests, needs will also change. To be seen fully in our power and in our true character, we are required to show up in new situations that cater for these needs and therefore widen our circle of likeminded people or folk who may need to connect with us and us with them.
  • Allow yourself to be heard. We live in a fast paced world now, people think fast and act fast in order to be more efficient in this hectic place. Many people are desperate to be heard and needed regardless if they have anything interesting to say or not. They may not think twice to talk over you, interrupt you or even knock you down in a sad attempt to appear more powerful than you. These situations need to be read carefully. On occasions when this has happened to me, sometimes the atmosphere has dictated to me that I remain silent in order to rise above the petty BS, other times the atmosphere has allowed me to intervene, ask someone to wait while I finish my sentence and continue speaking. Either way, we can never control what somebody else may do or say but we can control how we decide to react. Stay in your lane, Remain in your power!

Being seen is also part of stepping into your purpose.

On your journey of finding out what your purpose is, it is imperative that you do this gaining confidence along the way and allow yourself to be seen in whatever form that may be.

This is all part of the process with Intuitive Life Coaching – Find your calling and live it with confidence and authenticity.

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