At Home within Yourself

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Are you a smiler?

Energetically we do something for other people & ourselves when we smile. We raise the vibe of those around us.

By nature, I’m a smiler, I always have been. I have enough laughter lines to prove it too 🤣

You know what makes all the difference?

A smile that comes from the depths of your soul.

I’m almost positive that every person I know has been through periods of ‘fake it til you make it’ smile & probably still does on occasions, but are you with me? You feel the difference between the fake & the real right?

When sadness strikes, where we have sad news & are having a difficult season, the smiles are fewer for sure & we have to be patient, work through it until we are onto the next season.

There is a smile though, that arrives from the depths of your soul, lights up your eyes & projects warmth into the world.

This comes from ‘ doing your thang ‘
– knowing who you are, why you are here & how you’re going to make that s**t happen.

When you know who you are & are working your purpose in the world, you become so comfortable in your own skin, simply like arriving home.

At this point, your fear disintegrates, your challenges become awesome projects, fails become finding a piece to a puzzle, knock backs become redirection and you find no place for comparison, life drainers or energy vampires.

We are so at home within ourselves & no longer lost that we find a new respect & love for ourselves. This in turn aids us to set healthy boundaries which sets a wonderful tone of how we get treated by others.

So yes, sometimes our smiles are simply pleasant acknowledgement exchanges.

However, my personal aim & my mission in serving others, is to ignite the light in the depths of our souls & project it through the planet – living our purpose & healing the world.

Does your smile creep up from deep within and display pure homely bliss?


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