Do you sometimes find yourself in reoccurring issues of a similar kind?

Sometimes wondering ‘why does this keep happening to me’?

Maybe it’s a financial struggle that finds itself on repeat in your life.

Could it be a string of failed relationships.

Just maybe you find yourself in another dead end job where you’re not seen.

Could it be family arguments that keep appearing.

Health or weight issues you can’t seem to improve.

Very often we, as humans, get accustomed to the way we do things, our own way.
We can try really hard to combat issues & try & make particular things in our lives workout, yet no matter how much effort we put in, it still fails.

When repeated issues pop up,over & over again & we begin to feel the victim mentality, we are being taught something that we need to know for our own growth.

We will be shown these challenges over & over until we get it!! Until we learn to make better choices, deal with things differently, create boundaries, ask for help.

Could it be the choice of jobs you pick for yourself are not challenging enough to let you grow so therefore they always seem ‘dead end’ jobs?

Would it be the 3rd cheating partner that you’ve had in a row that could move you in the direction of choosing a partner with different morals?

Maybe it’s the family that put upon you for everything that is leading you to set boundaries ?

Would it be turning up to the slimming group for the 3rd year without losing any weight that tells you that this way doesn’t work for you?

Is there something that keeps showing up in your life that in fact YOU are actually choosing???

Don’t become so wrapped up in your own habits that it actually prohibits you from leading a better life.

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