Makeup must have’s for over 40’s

Of course over 40’s can still glow, look radiant and light up a room instantly.

I have for you some key makeup tips to help your natural beauty shine through, to enhance your best features and to limit unnecessarily aging yourself.

  1. As we age and our skin becomes thinner and less supple, we need to steer clear of heavy makeup that will sit in creases and enhance aging. For this reason we require great looking and feeling skin that we are not afraid to show off and does not need masking.

A good skincare routine, morning and night is vital to achieve this, using products that will allow your skin to breathe and glow.

I am able to recommend skincare products to you specifically for your skin type whether you wish to slow down aging skin, have dehydrated skin, sensitive or reactive skin. Each of these product lines are formulated using nature and science to produce the very best that skincare has to offer.

( Many ranges are available for all skin types and needs )

2. Swap your heavy foundation for a tinted moisturiser or CC Cream that will give you light coverage, allow your skin to breathe and will effortlessly show off your glowing complexion. As we age and see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a heavy foundation will sit in the creases and emphasise the lines more. Keep it light, use a concealer for under eye shadows or reddish blemishes.

(Other shades are available)

3. Always use a eyebrow pencil!! As we age we can also lose our eyebrow thickness, especially if you were an ‘over plucker’ in the 90’s. Aim to match your eyebrow pencil with your natural eyebrow colour.

This will help lift your eyes and frame your face better.

(Other shades are available),9245.aspx

4. Avoid dark, matt lipsticks that will bleed into the creases around your mouth. It is far more complimentary to choose a shade slightly lighter and choose a lipstick with a bit of shine, even better go for a gloss!! This will avoid drawing attention to lines around the mouth and focus more on a plumper lip.,576.aspx

5. If your eyes have a tendency to look droopy and tired then avoid putting mascara on your lower lashes as this can draw the eyes down. Always opt for mascara on the upper lashes to open up the eyes.

6. Now here is a odd one. If my eyes are looking a bit dry and tired, I very often put lip salve on my finger and sweep it across my eyelids for a glossy, natural look that masks creases around my eyes. Feels nice too and creates a nice dewy look.,11435.aspx

I have placed the links to the recommended products under each tip.

If you are interested in any of the above products, would like to know how to get a discount or would like anymore information on the above advise, then please contact me at

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