Celebrating Sensitivity

Along with a small percentage of the population, I am a fairly sensitive being. For others who are not emotionally sensitive, it can be assumed that this is a weakness in someones personality, something that needs to be fixed. It is only really other emotionally sensitive people that understand that we don’t feel weak or fragile, infact we can feel incredibly strong, we just FEEL things, situations & atmospheres at a deeper level.

I would go as far to say that being emotionally sensitive is a true gift. If you are a fellow ESP (emotionally sensitive person) you will know exactly what I mean by absorbing another persons feelings. If a friend is going through sadness or trauma, you don’t just empathise like another nice human would, you feel the pain on a deeper level, your emotions journey down the path (almost as if it happened to you). We join them in feeling pain. Even as far removed as seeing a situation on our TV screens that can trigger your ES could be enough to drag you through a whirlwind of emotions.

So, I can see why peers and colleagues may suggest that I should become stronger and tougher but I consider myself to be an ultra strong person who always bounces back but also has the gift of sensitivity.

If you are a fellow ESP you may be thinking, why is sensitivity a great gift? the embarrassment of weeping at an advert or newspaper article and wishing to hug strangers whose facial expressions are a picture of their pain.

Well, research by Carl Jung, psychiatrist has found that those 20% of the population that are ESP are said to be far more attuned to their subconscious mind and are more insightful than others. It is also said that ESP’s are more creative due to the increase blood flow to the right side of the brain. We are privaliged to see wonderful artists who have expressed their emotion so cleverly through their art whether it be, painting, singing, dance, acting, writing or sketching. Can you see how this is an absolute gift? to be able to draw emotions from another person using creativity?

My next point of why sensitivity is such a gift, may explain why we are drawn to certain careers, it certainly explains mine.

Due to a ESP having increased or heightened sensitivity, as we touched on earlier, we know they are more in tune with another persons emotions. They may be able to feel the atmosphere and energy around a person without them saying a word. They will be naturally able to relate to their pain without experiencing it themselves, they can feel despair in their heart from another persons story.

They have an intuition of where to emotionally take someone to lift them, where to support and where to share tools, its natural, they just instinctively know.

I guess this explains why I am a Life Coach and Barre Instructor. I wish to serve people in a way where I can truly understand their pain and transfer it into their strength, enabling them to be resilient and light.

Personally, I think with the traits of a ESP, I then question the whole introvert / extrovert thing and have come to the conclusion that I really don’t want to label myself or anyone else.

All I do know is that some days I wish to dance like a rock star & tell the world about it and other days I wish to shower my mind in meaningful books and deep conversations. Some days I just wish to be, as is.

What I do really understand and want to impress upon you is this;

A ESP (which I guess is a label 😉 in my experience, will emotionally tire quicker than others. To be this sensitive to our surroundings, situations and people is really exhausting, in fact at the end of some days I feel efffing on the floor!! Sometimes I even perve about how blissful it would be to have a few days where I didn’t even notice people, you know what they say, ‘ignorance is bliss’.

For this very reason, us ESP’s need to retract and take time out. We actually need to make this habit, intentional alone time and switch off from the world. We require time without drama, without heavy conversation and confrontation, without being exposed to world events that would tap on our sensitivity. We need to avoid overload!!!!

Now, here I am simply just touching on the grand scale of this subject. It is so fascinating and once you fully understand it, you can use it to your power and avoid the overwhelm of life.

This area does come up a fair bit with the clients I coach, so if you would like to explore & understand this further, do get in touch.

Finally I would like to say, be open with your emotions and your sensitivity, let it all out. If you feel it, it needs to be released. Do you want all these stacked up emotions filling you to the brim? Imagine each emotion you feel throughout a week being a box. Each time you have an emotion triggered, you put the box in your bedroom. What would your bedroom look like at the end of a week or a month?

We don’t want to stack up boxes of emotion, we want to open them, recycle the box and move on.

However embarrassed you may feel of showing sensitivity, just own it!!

If its more appropriate to let it out after a business presentation then yes sure, wait an hour or two. But, do revisit, address and release..

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