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Over the years I have ‘made home’ in some rather questionable environments. From lengths of time in backpackers hostels to shared houses to tired studio flats to complete home renovations, but each time I can safely say that I have created home in each of these abodes.

As a empathic extroverted introvert, I have always needed my little corner of comfort, away from the outside world no matter how humble the space maybe. I require time to recover energetically, to silence the mind and let creativity arrive as this is where I feel most fulfilled.

It takes time to naturally tune in to what you require in your space as an individual and each will be completely unique to them.

For me, I require lots of natural light and if this isn’t present in a home then I look to create it. I like being surrounded by personal items that have a story attached to them but I am aware that there is a fine line between collectables and clutter. I don’t do clutter!!

I search for items that speak to my spiritual side and the traveler in me, to raise my vision and keep my soul sweet. Soft, natural colors work best for me as they feel calming and work magnificently with my love of natural wood and indoor plants.

I enjoy mixing vintage with new and upcycling the ugly, this is a whole hobby in itself.

The journey of creating home is everlasting, as our needs change, so should our environment even with little tweaks.

I cannot stress enough how important this is for everyone’

s mental and physical health. This is your very own zone, even if it’s a small single bedroom, it’s your very own space which should represent who you are and wrap it’s walls tenderly around you when you enter.

It doesn’t have to cost big bucks to create your ideal home space, it could be more about furniture arrangement, light, wall color, shelving, storage, room flow etc. Facebook marketplace, charity shops and junk yards are filled with someone else’s treasures that are no longer loved.

What would you like to create for your space? I’d love to hear.

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