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Certified Life Coach, Emma Reade.

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Blissful Living

Hey there! I’m Emma, thanks for visiting The Blissful Life! I am a Passionate Intuitive Life Coach for Individuals who desire to find true aligned life direction and raise the bar of their own life and environment.

As we have learnt from science, everything is energy and because of this, we are affected by everything & everyone that surrounds us & visa versa.

For us to be able to realise our ‘true life calling’ & personal ‘life direction’, we must ensure that our environment matches our basic needs, this includes the people around you, what you are doing daily & the material things that surround you.

Through life circumstances, society expectations, financial strains, family commitments, we loose sight of our passion driven path to our own ecstasy. We get so sidetracked that the original plan we had for ourselves appears completely different to the reality we are living.

We become unfulfilled & disillusioned. We can feel like a failure that weakens our confidence further because we were not able to find our own route in life, the direction we were destined to go, our calling.

As humans, we are supposed to evolve & grow. We are not meant to be stagnant.

This is the purpose of my Coaching Community. To help individuals to feel the fire in their belly again, get on their own aligned life pathway & create a future that allows them to not only BE themselves fully but to be living a passion filled existence.

Finding Direction is the key to a fulfilled life that is soul lead.

No more meandering, procrastinating & timewasting. This is where we make positive life changes for your future & for your specific personality.

Browse further into my website for how you can work with me to gain complete clarity on your life passions moving forwards.

I look forward to getting to know you.

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